About us

MAURICIO VIDIGAL ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS combines the valuable and longstanding legal background of its partners’ family with an innovative professional approach, in search of the best solutions in the law field.

Not surprisingly, one of its partners, Mauricio da Costa Carvalho Vidigal, is a retired Appeal Court judge in the state of Sao Paulo, with a bright and respectable career.

The other partners are Edgar Vidigal de Andrade Reis, Fernando Vidigal Bucci and Paulo de Oliveira Piedade Vidigal, who have all worked in recognized law firms in Sao Paulo, dealing with legal issues of all kinds, and Vera Helena Pereira Vidigal Bucci, a retired State Attorney, with previous experience as a civil attorney.

We aim to provide our clients with personalized services, under a boutique format, focused on Civil Law, thus acting more accurately than most full service offices do.

In addition, whenever needed, we are pleased to promote meetings between our clients and our business partners, whose minds match our way of thinking.

We face the matters handed to us striving the best results, which will come out from the sum of hard working, ethical sense and the constant pursuit of perfection. Provided with all these elements we can establish close relationships with each and every one of our clients.

We deal with consulting matters as well as litigation, also in a preventive way, helping both companies and individuals.