Practice Areas

As a boutique law firm specialized in Brazilian Civil Law, we deal with:

Civil Liability
  • preventive legal guidance for companies and individuals; and
  • litigation related to civil liability.
Commercial and Corporate Law
  • organization and liquidation of any kind of Brazilian companies, including associations and foundations;
  • incorporation, spin-off, merge and acquisition;
  • draft of any kind of corporate documents, including but not limited to bylaws, article of association, shareholders agreement, stockholders agreement and memorandum of understanding;
  • advisory, conduction and representation at corporate meetings;
  • negotiation of shares and assets;
  • corporate governance;
  • corporate litigation;
  • civil liability of directors, shareholders and stockholders;
  • judicial recovery of debts; and
  • legal opinion.
Consumer Law
  • preventive legal guidance for companies; and
  • litigation involving consumer matters.
  • draft of any kind of contract;
  • assistance regarding contractual obligations performance, including pre and post-contract matters;
  • assistance regarding contract issues, including but not limited to any renegotiation or termination of a contract;
  • contract litigation; and
  • legal opinion.
Digital Law
  • legal advice regarding startups, websites, portals and e-commerce;
  • strategic treatment of digital information (security, guard, preserve);
  • development and review of terms of use;
  • development and review of privacy policies;
  • electronic contracts;
  • civil liability in the digital world – for websites, internet users, access providers, content providers, trading companies etc.;
  • virtual consumer rights; and
  • legal protection of rights regarding image, privacy and intimacy on the internet.
Family and Inheritance Law
  • preventive orientation to businessmen, stockholders, shareholders and companies;
  • testament and inheritance orientation;
  • probate proceedings;
  • prenuptial agreement;
  • Brazilian common-law marriage;
  • separation and divorce;
  • spousal support/maintenance;
  • custody;
  • paternity claim; and
  • precautionary measures.
Intellectual Property
  • assistance in administrative issues and litigation regarding marks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs and internet domains;
  • legal and strategic advice; and
  • license and assignment of rights.
Real Estate
  • real estate negotiation;
  • lease and sublease of residential, commercial, industrial and rural properties;
  • contracts regarding real estate in general;
  • collateral agreements – settlement and enforcement;
  • sharecropping;
  • structure of Brazilian special purpose companies;
  • organization and liquidation of condominiums;
  • risk analysis regarding property acquisitions; and
  • real estate litigation.
Sports Law
  • negotiation and draft of (i) rights assignment agreements; (ii) agency agreements; (iii) labor contracts; (iv) image and trademark license agreements, partnerships and sponsorships; and (v) other kinds of contracts related to sports;
  • legal advice to athletes, clubs and agents; and
  • advisory in negotiation of athletes.

We also deal with specific subjects related to Criminal Law and Labor Law.